A series where music lovers share some of their hidden gems.

Number 68 is by De La Reef, a Spanish selector based in London.

Find the record on my soundcloud.

Tell me about your musical roots

My first memories of music are all about popular Spanish music on the radio, as well as some Queen, Bob Marley, and a few other artists my parents used to play in our car. But old school and underground US, Chicano, and Spanish hip hop was the first music I really got into from a very early age. I started burning CDs with music I was discovering through Ares so that I could listen to them on my portable CD player and in my parents' car on the way to school, etc. Soon after that, I also started using virtual DJ software and began rapping not long after, around the age of 12.I later got into dnb/jungle and dubstep, which was the music I started collecting records and playing out in clubs first when I was still in Barcelona as a teenager. It took me years in London to find the music and scene I now love and dig through the most these days.

What is Your favourite place to dig and why?

It depends on when. I mainly use Discogs, followed by private sellers, which is the most effective way for me to find and buy my records. But I also love spending time crate digging in record shops, charity shops, fairs, etc. In terms of record shops and sellers that I've been to, I like: Barcelona: Discos Paradiso, Crockant Mutant, Vinilos Viajeros London: All My Friends, Jelly, Off the Record, Flashback, House of Dog UK: Vinyl Curtain, Ruby Duck, Japhy Berlin: Bikini, Kimchi, Marla, Audio-in Lisbon: Carpet & Snares Palma: Santa Cata And so many more I can't fit or haven't visited yet!

What do you listen to when you want to chill?

I love listening to dub and reggae downtempo/Ambient podcasts, 90s trip hop, and some flute and other solo instruments playlists.

Can you share with us your favourite podcast at the moment?

Some sets I've really enjoyed playing lately are Andrew Weatherall’s 2017 Houghton Dub & Reggae set, Unai Trotti’s Kiosk set from March, and Wendy's set for Faciendo, plus some other recent sets from friends like Loa, Jos, Free Zing, Olita, and more!